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Cleaning & Analyzing Data in Excel

This guide complements the Cleaning & Analyzing Data in Excel workshop

Splitting Cells Based on a Delimeter

To split data in a column based on a delimiter --

- Select the column you're interested in splitting

- Select the DATA tab on the top ribbon

- Navigate to the Text to Columns button in the DATA TOOLS menu.

- Once the wizard opens, specify whether the data is delimited (character separator) or has a fixed width (space separator). For this workshop, we will be working with delimited data.

-  After selecting delimited, you will be asked to specify the character used as a delimiter. 

- The next window will ask you to specify which of the split columns to keep and to specify the data type.



Complete the following cleaning step(s) on the practice tab of the workshop_data Excel file.

  • Separate the description of features by the comma between each feature
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