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EAPP 1000 - Muhando - Fall 2023

Guide to library resources for Prof. Muhando's students in EAPP 1000 for the fall 2023 semester.

Finding Books & eBooks in the Library Catalog

Books and ebooks are in-depth treatments of a larger subject in comparison to journal articles. Some books are written by one author and others are collections of essays written by multiple authors on a range of related topics. They're bigger than articles but neither type of item is better than the other -- they're just different. To save time, use a book's index section, usually at the back, to find parts of the book that deal with specific subjects. 

Try find a print book in our stacks using the Map it function and browse the other books around it. Books about the same subject are shelved together, and you never know what you might find!

Screenshot of catalog entry for library book that demonstrates the location of the Map It button at the end of the main bibliographic information in the record.

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