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ENGL 1010 - Bagneris

Library Workshop Goals

Goal for the Day:

Let you walk away from our time together with greater confidence in your ability to succeed with one of your three topics.


We’ll get some hands on time

  • Turning your initial broad topic into keywords
  • Use those keywords to search for books in Library Search
  • Take that experience one step further and dabble in the article databases

Throughout this information seeking process, you’ll begin to find different entry points taking you deeper into a more focused version of your topic. Of course, you may need to do just a little reading to help you fully develop your topic, but this workshop will give you a start.


Tulane ALTC Writing Center

The ALTC Academic Writing Center connects students with trained peer tutors who specialize in writing skills. Topics writing coaches can collaborate with you on include content, paper organization, grammar rules, formulating ideas for topics, and more.


Location and Contact: 

Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Suite B01

Schedule an Appointment: 

Students can schedule an appointment through Canvas or through their Scheduling Portal.

How'd I do today?

Your input is so important! Please take the last few minutes of today's class to share your thoughts on today's session. 

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