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COMM 4410-01, Ethnography of Digital Media

This guide recaps everything discussed during the class library workshop.

Finding the Right Database

The library subscribes to hundreds of databases, providing access to archival content, e-books, newspapers, films, music, and, of course, scholarly articles. For the purposes of this class, we'll focus on databases for scholarly articles.


Pull out your thinksheet from Strategize Your Research Question. Look at at the concepts and issues you already identified and now jot down the subject areas they might fall into. Organization of information is fudge-y even on good days, so don't be surprised if you have a concept that fits more than one subject area.

Take your list of possible subjects and go to Library Guides, find your subject, and explore the guide, specifically looking for their recommended article databases.


Different databases may look slightly different but they should all more or less have the same functionality. You should be able to:

  • search (obviously)
  • refine your list of results by format, type, date, subject or topic, etc.
  • email the article
  • print the article
  • download the article
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