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COMM 4410-01, Ethnography of Digital Media

This guide recaps everything discussed during the class library workshop.


This course guide is a reflection of everything we discussed during our in-person Library Workshop. The menu items on the left cover the four main areas of focus for the workshop:

  • Understanding Peer Review
  • Strategizing your Research Question
  • Using Library Search
  • Finding Subject Appropriate Article Databases

Research is an iterative process that may throw up a lot of unexpected roadblocks. Key to making it through and enjoying the process is being forgiving of yourself and adjusting your search terms or the database you're searching in (it's rarely ever the topic you chose that's the problem!). When in doubt, ask!

Class Notes

How'd I do today?

Your input is so important! Please take the last few minutes of today's class to share your thoughts on today's session. 

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