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Theatre and Dance Collection Policy

Program Description

The Theatre and Dance collection at Tulane supports the instructional and research needs of faculty, undergradute and graduate students. The Theatre Department offers a B.A. in Theatre, and B.F.A and M.F.A degrees in Design and Production. The Dance Program offers a B.A and B.F.A in Dance. Full-time faculty number 14; 11 in Theatre and four in Dance. Primarily performance and production-oriented, the Theatre and Dance Department challenges students with Tulane's liberal arts environment to be involved in, and gain deeper appreciation of, the performing arts. The Department seeks to instill in students the understanding that theatre and dance are living processes for questioning, exploring, and understanding human nature. The Department recognizes and respects the diverse structures and approaches to artistic creation and encourages collaboration, risk-taking, and open communication between disciplines. Preparation for graduate training is another focus within the Department.

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