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Music Collection Policy

Acquisitions Sources

An approval plan with GOBI sends monographs according to a profile established by the bibliographer for music; there also exist a number of standing orders for monographic series. Most scores are acquired from a variety of score vendors. Numerous score standing orders for critical editions of composers' complete works are maintained with Harrassowitz, and several music score standing orders are with Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc. Compact discs and video recordings are purchased from a number of vendors. Evaluations of donations to the music library in all formats are based on the condition of the material, the uniqueness of the item to the collection, and the appropriateness of the donated material to the scope of the collection.

Selection Tools

Faculty input is actively solicited. As far as possible, titles and recordings are acquired to meet the needs of all faculty and students. Books: GOBI provides slips for books that are covered in the music library's profile but are not sent for approval. Reviewed regularly are publisher catalogs and reviews and new publication listings in scholarly music journals (Notes, Journal of the American Musicological Society, Music & Letters, Neue Zeitschrift fur Musik, Opera Quarterly, American Music, Popular Music, etc.). Music scores: Vendor selection forms are provided by Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc. and by European American Retail Music. Music in Print; OCLC; A Basic Music Library: Essential Scores and Sound Recordings; and subject bibliographies relating to specific repertoires or mediums of performance are basic tools. Ongoing collection analysis also leads to numerous orders of books, scores, and sound recordings. Sound recordings and video recordings: Reading reviews plays a large role in the selection of sound and video recordings. Reviews are found in numerous journals, with special attention given to Gramophone, Fanfare, and American Record Guide. Regarding the availability of recordings, Schwann Opus for classical music and Schwann Spectrum for popular music, jazz, etc. are essential catalogs.

Endowed Funds

The Bryan Bell Fund and the Thomas A. Greene Memorial Fund are used for books and scores.

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