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Music Collection Policy

Program Description

The Department of Music has forty-nine faculty members. Nine are full-time tenure track, six are non-tenured full-time, thirty-two are part-time, and two are visiting professors. Each year the department teaches well over 2000 students, including music majors, music minors, double majors, and a large number of non-majors. The department awards the B.A in music history and theory, the B.F.A. in music composition, performance, and musical theater, the M.A. in musicology, music theory, and composition, and the M.F.A. in performance. Instruction in performance is taught on all levels, and in addition to music ensembles, courses are offered in music history and literature, music theory, harmony, counterpoint, orchestration, music analysis, composition, and various special topics such as opera, Broadway musicals, popular music analysis, the business of music, ethnomusicology, and history of jazz..

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