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African Studies Library Guide

Databases, online resources, tips, and tools for interdisciplinary research on Africa.

Pre-Instruction Survey

Today's Class

African Politics,
September 13, 2023
Professor: Allison Grossman
Librarian: Rachel Stein (


  1. Meet your Political Science librarian and learn how I can support your research
  2. Get to know the resources the library has to offer for this and other classes
  3. Learn to use library guides, Tulane's Library Search, and specialized databases to find reliable, vetted sources for your research

Class Plan

  1. Pre-class survey + Meet your librarian (5 mins)
  2. Today's practice case: find sources for the Dedan Kimathi Wikipedia page.
    1. How could you envision enriching and improving this page?
    2. What keywords should we try searching in academic databases? (10 mins)
  3. Walk through the African Studies Library Guide + modeling of keyword searching (15 mins)
  4. Group work: use the African Studies Library guide to find sources on Dedan Kemathi and share them in this Google Doc (15 mins)
  5. Wrap-up and post-session survey


Post-Instruction Survey

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