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LGBTQ+ International

International Education Week 2021

International Education Week / LGBTQ+ International

International Education Week

International Education Week, November 15-19, 2021, is a joint initiative between the US Department of State and The US Department of Education designed to celebrate internationalization and exchange worldwide. This annual week of programming includes a lineup of globally themed workshops, speakers, and events that invite the Tulane community to celebrate the benefits of international representation and exchange both on our campus and in New Orleans as a whole. Tulane students, faculty, and staff are all encouraged to participate in and recognize this important celebration of the vibrant global community that has been cultivated at Tulane.

LGBTQ+ International

Hosted by the NTC Office of Study Abroad and the Office of International Students & Scholars, LGBTQ+ International encourages students to build awareness of LGBTQ+ identities and prevailing issues both here in New Orleans and on a global scale. While no means a definitive guide to global queer culture, this guide is designed to highlight various iterations of LGBTQ+ identity and contextualize them within their unique local culture. 

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