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ENGL 1010 - Shkreli

Course Guide for Linda A. Shkreli's ENGL 1010 class

Workshop overview

1. What's your assignment?

2. Kinds of info you may need

3. Find books and scholarly articles

4. Tools to help with citing sources

Subject Guide

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Raquel Horlick
Knowledge Lab, 2nd floor
Howard-Tilton Memorial Library

What kind of information do you need and where will you find it?

Why Not Just Google It?

Iceberg image - from UNB Libraries website


Library databases include information that is not on the free web. Tulane pays for access to databases on your behalf.

Databases organize information and provide a variety of ways to search. 

Abstracts, keywords, and subject headings help you quickly determine if the article is useful

Databases will allow you to limit your results to peer-reviewed journals, which can take some of the guess work out of identifying which journals you can use.

Refining a Research Question Worksheet

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