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Latin American News and Newspapers: A Guide

Print and microform newspapers and online newspapers from Latin America.

Contemporary Newspapers

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LAL's contemporary newspapers (1940s-present)

Looking for contemporary print newspapers? LAL holds 216 titles of printed newspapers from c. 1940s to the present.  These titles, searchable in the Library Catalog, are stored at the Tulane Libraries Off-site Library Facility.  They must be requested by filling out an Off-Site Materials Request form.  Once at LAL, the newspapers will be available for consultation during office hours.

Additional information about this collection:

Geographic Coverage: Antigua, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Brazil, Bolivia, British Guiana, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Hondruas, Jamaica, Martinique, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, Trinidad, Uruguay, USA, Venezuela, Virgin Islands  

Dates: 1940s-present 

Find: Search by title or other bibliographic information in the Library Catalog. Browse the holdings of the 216 titles.  

Housed: Tulane Libraries Off-site Library Facility

Request: Off-Site Materials Request (Please note that Off-Site Materials require one day for retrieval)

Questions: Don't hesitate to write us at or call us at (504) 865-5681

Search these full-text databases for Latin American news articles of interest:

Key newspaper titles include El Universal, Mexico City's largest-selling newspaper; O Globo (Brazil); La Nación (Argentina); and El Mercurio (Chile). Three business titles, El Economista (Mexico), Valor Econômico(Brazil), and Portafolio (Colombia) are also important resources for researchers.

Latin American Newsstand titles includes eight Brazilian newspapers, three Mexican newspapers, two newspapers each from Argentina, Costa Rica, Peru, and Uruguay, and single newspapers from Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. The remaining titles are regional magazines and wire services including Noticias Financieras financial newswire; InfoAmericas market analysis and regional economic trends; IPS-Inter Press Service news agency; El Reporte Delta weekly technology newsletter; and Business Wire Latin America.

View the full title list: Latin American Newsstand Title List



LexisNexis has aggregated foreign language news sources to make searching easier.  To access the titles included in each list:  Go to advanced options and click on the little "i."

These newspapers offer full text searching within their online archives:

Also of interest:

Newspaper Digitization Iniatives -This International Coalition on Newspapers (ICON) database highlights and links to past, present, and prospective digitization projects of newspapers.  Scroll down on the page to see newspaper digitization initiatives organized by country.

Identify different newspapers published in Latin America by using:

On the following sites you can find Latin America-focused news digests, bulletins and intelligence reports.  These resources provide commentary and contextual information on current events. 

Both contemporary and historical newspapers can be found on microfilm at Howard-Tilton Memorial Library.  Access our microfilm inventory on the LAL Microfilm Resource Page  

Additionally, microfilmed newspapers held elsewhere can sometimes be requested via Interlibrary Loan.  Two key places to look:

  • Tulane University is a member of the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) an international consortium of university, college, and independent research libraries.  Search their holdings in the CRL Online CatalogYou can request their newspaper holdings - print & microfilm, historical & current - via Interlibrary Loan.

  •  LASER Union List of Microforms - The Latin American Library is a member of Latin America Southeast Region (LASER), a consortium of major Latin American research collections in the Southeastern United States.  For updated holdings of each collection, consult the catalogs and web sites of LASER member libraries.
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