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Sexual Violence Prevention

A guide to orient Tulane students in their search for resources related to sexual violence.

About One Wave

One Wave is a campus initiative to decrease sexual violence. This initiative encourages the growth of a community where violence is not tolerated and the expectation is that everyone does their part to promote a community of care and concern. It also aims to mobilize and equip community members to increase their active bystander behavior to prevent violence through free training sessions.

We each have the power to choose to make our Tulane campus one that embodies the best of community engagement; One Wave empowers each Tulanian as an agent of social change to actively and outwardly support the norms of non-violence in the Tulane community.

Green Dot

Green Dot, part of One Wave's philosophy, is any action that works to reduce the prevalence of sexual violence. While red dots on a community map symbolize acts of violence, green dots symbolize preventative actions.

Any action that we take to diffuse a high-risk situation, help someone in need, or stop any form of violence is a green dot. By illustrating our intolerance to violence and our willingness to be a part of shaping a violence-free campus, we are creating culture change. 

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