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Teach Anywhere with Digital Primary Sources

A guide to resources for remote primary source pedagogy at Tulane and beyond.

Digital Collections of Rare Books and Manuscripts


Online exhibitions, primary source sets for teaching, and other resources from collections across the U.S.

A full range of digitized materials on topics ranging from menus to LGBTQ+ history to dance, science, and much more.

Over 35,000 digitized books and manuscripts as well as digitized photo collections, ephemera, and seed catalogs.

Over 730,000 items from U.S. libraries relating to all aspects of African American culture and history.

History of Medicine worldwide, especially Historical Anatomies:

Global collection of works on natural history.

              List of national and international repositories with digitized collections for book histor

Includes materials digitized from with the BL's collections, including maps from Britain and around the world, sound recordings, illuminated manuscripts, 19th century books using early photographs for illustration, and others.

Interface available in English and 26 other European languages.
Cultural heritage from European museums, galleries, libraries and archives; includes material from research libraries throughout the European Union.

A collaborative project between UNESCO and many important cultural institutions around the world, this library combines prints, photos, film clips, and map images about every UNESCO member on a variety of topics.


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