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Russian Library Guide

A guide to select article databases, library resources, links, and tips for researchers to succeed in finding, accessing, and managing quality information sources.

How Should I Use Reference Tools?

Reference sources are excellent means of identifying and exploring research topics, getting background information, building vocabulary, and identifying an initial bibliography. 

Dictionaries and Thesauri: Find definitions, translations, and equivalent terms to help you understand the vocabulary of your topic.

Encyclopedias: Articles provide summaries on your topic, discuss key authors in the field, and provide useful bibliographies. 

Background Information

  • Early Modern Russian Writers, Late Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. Vol. 150
  • Russian Literature in the Age of Pushkin and Gogol: Poetry and Drama. Vol. 205
  • Russian Literature in the Age of Pushkin and Gogol: Prose. Vol. 198
  • Russian Writers of the Silver Age, 1890-1925. Vol. 295
  • Russian Literature in the Age of Realism. Vol. 277
  • Russian Novelists in the Age of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. Vol. 238
  • Russian Poets of the Soviet Era. Vol. 359
  • Russian Prose Writers Between the World Wars. Vol. 272
  • Russian Prose Writers After World War II. Vol. 302
  • Russian Writers Since 1980. Vol. 285
  • Twentieth-Century Russian Emigre Writers. Vol. 317
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