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Intro to Coding in R, Part II: Management, Processing & Analysis

Learn to create and organize projects, install packages, "tidy" data, implement complex conditional and iterative processes, summarize and analyze data, visualize your results.


Looking to strengthen your R foundation?


This tutorial builds off of Intro to R, part I: The Fundamentals. Together, these two tutorials will help you build an R coding skillset to tackle the vast majority of data processing projects regardless of your field or analytical goals. 


Part II Learning Outcomes

Learn to create and manage R projects 

Install and load packages

Enter the "tidyverse"

Practice popular functions for "tidy" data

Streamline your workflow with pipes

Create summary statistics by categorical group

Join multiple data files by relational values

Conditionally change or create data with if/else statements

Explore the main avenues of iterative coding

Produce three plots using universal grammar and architecture for producing many more 

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