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Linguistics Library Guide

Research guide for courses and research projects in linguistics.

Looking for Journal Articles?

For scholarly journal articles in the field of linguistics, the database Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts is a great place to start. Also consider a general social science database for putting your linguistic research into a broader cultural or historical context, or a psychology database for a physiological or cognitive approach. Use the tabs above to find additional database suggestions relevant to cultural and neurological areas of linguistics studies.

Researching linguistics from a cultural or anthropological perspective? Try these databases for relevant social science scholarship.

Searching for scholarship about cognition, language learning, or the brain?  Try these database which specialize in psychology, medicine, and the sciences generally.

Getting the full-text

Some databases don't include the full-text of articles. When there's no full-text, click on the TU Link button. This will search through the library's full-text holdings in other databases and give you a link to the full-text of the article. If there is no online access, there's a link to the library catalog to see if we have the full-text in print.

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