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Professional Development for Library Workers

Consult this library guide for professional development opportunties. This guide is maintained by the Library Department's Professional Development Committee.

Teaching, Learning, Research, and Reference


Name Date Description Link
Resources at the National Indian Law Library November 8 | 1:00PM-2:00PM EST There are 574 Federally recognized Native American tribes in the United States, all with their own unique governments and laws. Unlike the laws for many jurisdictions in the U.S., however, these laws can be difficult to find, if they are accessible at all. This session will discuss some of the reasons tribal law can be hard to find and the best resources for locating tribal law, including tribal websites, legal publishers, and NILL’s Tribal Law Gateway. The session will conclude with a brief description of some of the other resources available to researchers through the National Indian Law Library. Resources at the National Indian Law Library | FDLP
Effective Health Communication and Health Literacy: Understanding the Connection November 9 | 2:00PM - 3:00PM EST This webinar will introduce the concepts of health literacy and health communication; outline components of clear health communication; and identify online resources from the NNLM, Government agencies, and other recognized resources for health literacy and health communication. The goal is to help participants become more effective in providing health information to their respective communities. Effective Health Communication and Health Literacy: Understanding the Connection | FDLP
Orientation to Law Library Collections Webinar November 14 | 12:00PM CST The Orientation to Law Library Collections (OLLC) Webinar is designed for patrons who are familiar with legal research, and would instead prefer an introduction to the collections and services specific to the Law Library of Congress. This webinar is an online version of the one-hour onsite orientations taught by legal reference librarians from the Law Library of Congress, and will cover digital resources available through the Law Library’s website as well as those available onsite. Webinar Registration - Zoom (
Facilitated Discussion: Research Data Managment November 15 | 8:30am CST

FAIR is the new Open. This session will focus on the challenges and opportunities for collaboration in the provision of research data management services (RDM). 

Join us for an interactive session that offers:

  • Strategic and forward-looking discussions on the future of RDM. 
  • Small group discussions in groups of 6-8, providing the opportunity to discuss the future of RDM with others in a transcontinental setting.
  • Impactful facilitated conversations that will be synthesized into a post-event summary to help inform the future of libraries in RDM. 

The discussion will take place virtually (duration: 90 minutes). Due to the interactive nature of this session, places are limited.

OCLC-LIBER Webinar: Research Data Management Registration | OCLC
Living Our Values Out Loud: Programs that Walk the Talk November 28 | 1:00pm-2:00pm CST From zero-waste events to upcycling to refreshments, how we choose to carry out our work in libraries says a lot about our values. We can’t just pay lip service to sustainability—we need to practice what we’re talking about! This webinar will be an inspiring discussion with a panel of practitioners who have found ways to design, implement, and evaluate library programs using frameworks that better represent their libraries' values, such as the triple bottom line definition of sustainability and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Living Our Values Out Loud: Programs that Walk the Talk (


Technical Services and Collection Development


Name Date Description Link
Metadata for Digital Preservation ($95) November 20 | 2:00pm-4:00pm Metadata, and especially preservation metadata encompassing the technical and administrative aspects of description, is essential for providing continued access to your digital objects. It provides assurance that digital objects are authentic, renderable, and useable. This webinar serves as a starting point for understanding the kinds of information you will want to gather to support digital preservation, using current guidelines, standards, and models in the field to identify core information required to steward digital objects over time. Registration — NEDCC


Personal & Organizational Performance


Name Date Description Link
Mastering the Art of Difficult Conversations

November 16 | 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

In this webinar, you’ll develop skills to stop avoiding difficult conversations and tackle them head on to create meaningful change in your organization. We’ll introduce the elements of difficult conversations, why we struggle to communicate, and provide methods you can use to prepare yourself for having a difficult conversation to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome. We’ll also touch on difficult conversations in the workplace like how to have difficult conversations with your boss or people you manage and how to receive a difficult message. Alliance Research, LLC – Partners in Development (
Reducing Burnout for Academic Library Workers who have Complicated Lives (AKA: Everybody) November 29 | 2:00PM CST Jessica Lee, Mike Holt, and Robert Griggs-Taylor have researched the experience of parents and burnout. But they recognize that everyone has complicated lives. Individual practices that alleviate and reduce burnout are to everyone’s benefit, including parents of minor children.

In this presentation, they will reach into their survey data and examine the interventions used to prevent burnout, along with institutional measures that respondents felt would make positive impacts on their immediate lives.
Reducing Burnout for Academic Library Workers who have Complicated Lives (AKA: Everybody) (

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Acessibility


Name Date Description Link
Transformative Representation: Strategies For Recruiting & Retaining BIPOC Library Staff November 6 | 3:00pm-4:00pm EST We are excited to present an insightful panel discussion on the strategies to improve the recruitment and retention of BIPOC library workers. This event brings together a dynamic panel of experts, each offering a unique perspective on this vital topic. Two public library managers, well-versed in recruitment and retention strategies, will share their hands-on experiences and successful practices. Complementing this expertise, two faculty members from regional universities will unveil illuminating findings from their current national study on this topic. Transformative Representation Webinar Registration (

Accessibility & Disability In Special Collections

November 7 | 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

In this webinar, attendees will get an overview of physical and digital accessibility best practices in special collections for users and employees. While similar to accessibility in libraries, this topic is different in terms of types and quantity of material, discovery tools, and resource description.

Archives have also historically focused on increasing discoverability and maybe accessibility while neglecting the emotional experience—what is it like to find yourself described in outdated and offensive language and work with this material for a long period of time?

This webinar will be recorded and made available on our YouTube channel.

Accessibility & Disability In Special Collections Webinar Registration (
Trans Inclusive Libraries November 8 | 2:00pm-3:15pm EST In this webinar, library professionals will learn how to utilize trans-inclusive language and create welcoming spaces and resources for transgender and nonbinary patrons. Attendees will review trans-inclusive language and practices, such as utilizing gender-neutral pronouns, and why this is important information for public library workers.

We will then explore examples of public libraries’ actions and resources to better understand their impact on trans individuals and communities. Through prompts and activities, we will generate innovative ideas on how to make our collections and programs more inclusive.
Trans Inclusive Libraries Webinar Registration (
Radicalizing LIS: Equity vs. Equality November 14 | 2:00pm-3:30pm EST Social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion are significant topics within the profession, but are they actually integrated into the fabric of library and information science (LIS)?

Among the areas that require particular understanding and dedication are our critical and pedagogical practices.

This talk will address "decolonizing" or re-envisioning LIS, and the skills and disposition our profession requires to look outside of our discipline and Western norms, to engage with diverse scholarship and perspectives necessary to build a foundation for what is a more equitable profession.
Radicalizing LIS: Equity vs. Equality Webinar Registration (
Course Reserves, Library Resources, Oh My!: How We Contribute to Affordability Beyond OER (e-Forum) November 14 -November 15  Everywhere you look there are webinars and conference sessions on open educational resources (OER) and how they contribute to DEI, textbook affordability, and more. But OER that meet instructor criteria are not available for every course. In this e-forum, we will explore how things academic libraries already do, including course reserves, fit into the broader course materials/textbook affordability efforts of our institutions. Course Reserves, Library Resources, Oh My!: How We Contribute to Affordability Beyond OER | Core (
Assistive Technology for Reading November 15 | 1:00pm - 2:00pm CST Learn about assistive technology to help with all stages of reading. Apps and tools will be shared to help with learning the basics, minimizing the effects of dyslexia, helping with vision impairments, and more. Webinar Registration - Zoom
Preserving Palestine: Cultural Heritage Under Settler Colonialism November 20 | 11:00pm CST In support of our colleagues in Palestine, in support of the Palestinian people, and in support of justice for all people, Librarians & Archivists with Palestine (LAP) is honoured to present this roundtable featuring expert librarians, archivists and scholars, Dr. Mazna Qato, Dr. Rami Zurayk, Blair Kuntz and Tam Rayan to discuss the urgent need to Preserve Palestine. Sponsored by the Middle East Librarians Association, this educational event serves as a call to information professionals to take action to protect and safeguard Palestinian cultural heritage institutions and knowledge repositories, including libraries, archives and museums, in defence of Palestinian life, land and liberation. Speakers will provide examples and case studies illustrating the impact of a century of theft, plunder and destruction of Palestinian heritage, libraries and archives under British and Israeli settler colonialism, as well as the myriad Palestinian social and grassroots efforts to counter this epistemic violence and colonial erasure.

Conferences, Forums, & Symposiums


Name Date Description Link

Individual Responsibility for Creating Belonging and Connection in the Library Profession

November 9, 2023 | 12:00pm-3:00pm PST

In our fall Library 2.023 mini-conference we explore the evolution of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) efforts within the library profession, focusing on how libraries can help to create belongingness and meaningful connection and what individuals, specifically, can do to help make change.

EDI principles and their practical implementation have a profound impact on the cultural fabric of libraries and the relationships we have with users and staff. This event will showcase strategies that libraries employ to cultivate and integrate into their services a profound sense of belongingness, as well as the ways that library leadership is crucial in fostering an environment of inclusion and meaningful connection.

We will also look at the integration of EDI standards into the core of library services, enhancing inclusivity within the Library and Information Science (LIS) community, and discuss the growing integration of EDI into accreditation standards and professional competencies and the broader implications this holds for the future of the library profession.

EDI 2.0 - Library 2.0 (


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