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Basic Legal Research: A Guide

Resources and search tips for finding legal scholarship, court cases, statutes, regulations, and legislative histories.

How to Use this Guide

Use the resources here to help find information about:

Legal Scholarship - research and analysis about laws, court decisions, the legal system, and legal philosophies.

Court Cases - reported judicial decisions, searchable by name, topic, or case number.

Statutes & Regulations - existing laws passed by federal or state legislatures (statues), and rules created by federal or state administrative agencies (regulations).      

Legislative Histories - background documents and records of hearings related to the enactment of a bill. These documents may be used to decide the meaning of a law after it has been enacted.


If you need help, contact a Subject Librarian or call the Howard-Tilton Library reference desk at 504-865-5606.
For assistance with more advanced legal research, please contact the Law Library.

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