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GIS for Public Health: A Guide: Geocoding

Resources for GIS and Geocoding in relation to public health

Geocoding Resouces

If you have address-based data that you wish to map in GIS, you'll need to assign latitude and longitude coordinates to your data so you can plot them as points.

Data visualization



Policy Map offers easy-to-use online mapping with data about health,demographics, real estate, jobs and more in communities across the US. Follow PolicyMap on Twitter @policymap

SPHTM  Faculty comments

  1. "I attended the PolicyMap training and tried it. I love it very much. It has a lot of data related with demographics, incomes & spending, quality of life, economy, education, and public health. It will be helpful for my students in the database management class to get data for their final project and show them as a map."
  2. "I think that having Quality of Life as a data point really struck home for me in this presentation."
  3. "PolicyMap will also be very helpful for our research. I always want to have a map to show where our >13,500 recruited subjects come from. With the PolicyMap data loader function, now I can visually see it."
  4. "The PolicyMap data will help the effectively execution of our new NIH grant too. It allows us to locate direct mail campaign areas in order to recruit subjects with age 20-30. The 3-layer maps enable us to easily locate areas meet our criteria. Meanwhile, it also allows us to download and share the data with investigators."

5."This is great!...Can use for so many projects!"

"Very cool and relevant to a grant [I'm] writing!"


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