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Genetics and Inherited Diseases: A Guide

A guide for genetics and inherited disease.

Genetic & Genomic Databases

For best results in the specific NCBI databases below, have at least the following in your search:

  • [title] AND [organism]  
    • Ex: CFTR[title] AND human[organism]
    • Ex: colorectal cancer[title] AND human[organism]
  • [gene/protein name] AND [organism]
    • Ex: CFTR[gene name] AND human[organism] 
    • Ex: cycstic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator[protein name] AND human[organism] 

Contact for NCBI help.

Genetics Websites

How to Obtain Genomic Sequence for a Gene in NCBI

Health Care Providers' Use of Genetic Information

Ethics and Privacy

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