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Genealogy and Biographical Resources for physicians and other health professionals (19th Century -20th Century) : A Guide: Tulane Alumni

Resources used by Matas Librarians for biographical information of physicians for public users.

Louisiana Digital Archive

Louisiana Medical Schools up to 1906 from American Medical Association Directory


La. 1.-MEDICAL DEPARTMENT OF THE TULANE UNIVERSITY OF LOillSIANA, New Orleans. Organized in 1834 as Medical College ol Louisiana, first class graduated 1835 and classes graduated each subsequent year except. 1863-65. Transferred to Medical Department University of Louisiana 1847, became Medical Department of the Tulane University 1884.

La. 2.-NEW ORLEANS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE. Organized 1856, extinct 1870.

La. 3.-CHARITY HOSPITAL MEDICAL COLLEGE, New Orleans. Organized 1873, extinct 1877.

La. 4.-FLINT MEDICAL COLLEGE OF NEW ORLEANS UNIVERSITY (Colored), New Orleans. Organized 1889 as the Medical College of New Orleans University. First class graduated 1892 and classes graduated each subsequent year except · 1896. Name changed to the above in 1901. The dean is Dr. A. D. Bush, 1500 Canal St., New Orleans. Total enrolment for 1905-6 was 54; graduates, 8.

Medical Department of Straight University, New Orleans, La. No instruction was ever given.

Scan of the Louisiana pages from the AMA Directory 1906, available below.

Louisiana Information from AMA Directory 1906

Tulane Resources 1834-

"1863 1864 1865 No Graduates War" from manuscript belonging to the Graduate Medical Education Department (No public access available)Medical School bulletins, catalogs, and yearbooks are the sources of biographical information for medical physicians, dentists and public health professionals that graduated from Tulane University. These materials are available in print and the Matas Library and also in University Archives. The "annual bulletins" list graduates for that academic year. Additional materials in the Matas Historical Collections are graduation announcements, composites and other publications relating to the academic program.  There is a card file of Matriculates based upon the Medical School bulletins with name and year.   Generally the searches of the print resources are hand searched by the Matas Library Staff.

University Archives and the Matas Library have ongoing scanning projects.  Here are some of the resources available online:

Charity Hospital Reports (1842-1974) - Now Digitized!

The Rudolph Matas Library of the Health Sciences at Tulane University would like to announce the online availability of the historic Charity Hospital Reports. These items are of use not only to researchers in the fields of medicine and health, but also those researching the history and cultural impact of medical care in the New Orleans area. 

A collection of Reports from the New Orleans Charity Hospital were produced regularly for the state government of Louisiana from 1842-1974. The reports have been digitized by the staff of Rudolph Matas Library under a National Library of Medicine (NLM) grant for a project titled Early Medical Journalism of Louisiana, A pilot project for the preservation and sharing of Nineteenth Century Medical Publications of Louisiana [National Library of Medicine (NLM) Prime Contract No. N01-LM-6-3505; HHSN276200663505C].  These reports include a wealth of material on hospital administration and disease epidemics as well as vital statistics and public health information. The Charity Hospital Reports collection consists of 114 PDF items, each with searchable text.  

Matriculates File at Matas

Matriculation records for the Medical College of Louisiana, University of Louisiana, Medical Department and Tulane University Medical School (are noted in a card file with name and year only) for years as follows:  1844-1850,1852, 1853, 1857-61 (63-65 not included),1866-70, 1873-75, 1877-78, 1880-1893.

Matriculation/records for New Orleans School of Medicine for years as follows: 1857-1867, 1869 - (are noted in a card file with name and year only)

Email: for assistance.

Tulane University College of Medicine School of Dentistry, 1909-1928

In 1909 the New Orleans College of Dentistry became the Dental Department of Tulane University.  With the 1913-1914 session, the title was changed to the School of Dentistry of the College of Medicine.  The school increased the dental curriculum from three to four years beginning with the 1917-1918 session.  In 1925, requirements for admission were increased by the addition of a pre-dental year. Students spend the first two years on the University campus on St. Charles Avenue and the last two years in Hutchinson Memorial and at Charity Hospital.

The school was discontinued in 1926 and closed its doors in 1928. Tulane kept the dental clinic open as a diagnostic and consultation unit, to work with the medical clinics, until 1933.  -- Elizabeth StrotherAccessed 8-1-2013, Last updated October 2012

We collect Class composites, Yearbooks & Commencement Programs

The Matas Library keeps yearbooks, composite photographs and commencement programs in the collection.  Please think of us if you have one of these items you wish to donate to the collection.   

Historic Journals in Louisiana

Matas Library History Question Policy

The Matas Librarians provide historical information from our collections to the best of our ability.   To request information on Louisiana's medical history, genealogy or biographical information for physicians please email with the question and relevant date information.  We do have limited staffing and resources and will provide this research as staff time is available.  The collection is not open to the public, so please make an appointment prior to coming to the Matas Library of the Health Sciences.  

We do not charge for this service. Please consider making your interest and support of the Matas historical collections known by a letter of appreciation.  If you are interested in making a donation towards the maintenance and support of the Rudolph Matas Library “historical collections”, you may contact either the Matas Library Administrative Office or the Tulane Office of Development.

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