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An Introduction to Data Visualization Workshop

A library guide introducing concepts and tools for visualizing data using charts, graphs, and infographics.

Data is Beautiful

Tools for visualizing data using charts and graphs

Popular Data Analysis & Visualization Tools

SPSS is a statistical software from IBM that allows users to run simple and advanced statistical processes on data.

Official Website: SPSS Statistics | IBM

Accessing SPSS at Tulane: SPSS | Information Technology (

SAS is a statistical software that performs data analysis and visualization.

Official Website: SAS: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Data Management | SAS

Accessing SAS at Tulane: SAS - Statistical Analysis System | Information Technology (

Python is a powerful open-source programming language used for task such as web development, data analysis, and machine learning.

Official Website: Welcome to

R is an open-source programming language used for data analysis and other data-intensive processes. 

Official Website: R: The R Project for Statistical Computing (

Microsoft Power BI offers advanced visualization functions that integrate easily with other Microsoft products like Access and Excel.

Official Website: Data Visualization | Microsoft Power BI

Excel is a spreadsheet tool that offers simple and advanced data analysis and visualization functions.

Official Website: Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Software | Microsoft 365

Accessing Excel at Tulane: Microsoft Office 365 | Information Technology (

Tableau is a powerful data visualization tool used in the business sector. 

Official Website: Business Intelligence and Analytics Software (

BioRender Scientific illustration app for life science research, publications, posters, and presentations with drag-and-drop icons, intuitive figures, and free design templates.

Official Website: BioRender

Accessing BioRender at Tulane: BioRender

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