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Comparative Literature Collection Policy

Program Description

Though not a formal department or program, collection development in Comparative Literature is of vital interest to faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates in numerous disciplines. The faculty of all language and literature departments, in particular; the Anthropology and Theatre/Dance Departments; and the Jewish Studies, Cultural Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Medieval Studies, and the Studies in Africa and African Diaspora programs are interested in various facets of world literature publication.

This may include evolving critical theories or approaches to literature, translation theories, world literature in translation, the evolution of languages and literary history, or the scholarly apparatus accompanying these pursuits. Literary publications worldwide, focusing on pre-Classical periods through the postcolonial studies of the postmodern age, generate scholarly, critical interest among faculty and students. Because not all these materials are represented by Tulane's established departments and programs, collecting them necessitates careful, widespread Comparative Literature coverage, attention, and support.

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