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Tulane Library Toolkit

This guide provides a variety of tools that may be used to by tutors and academic counselors working with students to achieve academic success.

Connecting to Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a great tool for finding scholarly materials when the Library's interface seems too foreign to navigate. However, most academic resources require you to pay for them before letting you access them. You can get around this by changing your settings in Google Scholar so that you can search in Google Scholar but get access to articles via the Library without having to pay extra.

Worksheet - Connecting Google Scholar

Step-by-step instructions to use as a handout or as a link where you need it.

Connecting to Resources via the Library Website

Visit our tutorials page for a comprehensive list of quick videos and handouts.

Library FAQ

A lot of first, second, and third time library users have questions that seem too obvious to ask but are actually really important. If they don't want to ask us in person or are out of town, students can search the Library's FAQ for answers. You can either send them directly to the FAQ ( or embed the widget in your own guide. 

Here are two lines of embed code that you'll need for the Ask search box below:
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Chat with a librarian

While the library is open students are encouraged to chat with us so we can answer their questions as they arise. Students can find the chat box on the Library's website ( in the lower left under Contact Us.


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Ask a librarian

For those late night on-the-road research moments when we're not available via chat, students can use this form to send us a questions via email.

Here are the two lines of code you need to embed this widget:

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