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MIC Guides

The Latin American Library's microfilm collections are housed on the 6th floor. Please ask for assistance at the service desk when accessing these materials.

Independent Mexico in Newspapers / Revolutionary Mexico in Newspapers

From the Independent Mexico in Newspapers collection guide introduction:

In this microfilm project, the Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection has preserved 192,527 pages from 579 Mexican newspaper titles which date from 1807 to 1900. [...] Although holdings of many of these newspapers exist in very short runs, the titles are often unique—perhaps the only extant record of a newspaper’s short-lived existence. These newspapers trace the evolution of the modern newspaper format in Mexico through its often turbulent history: from its status as a viceroyalty of the Spanish Crown to its early experiment in a monarchical form of government to its long struggle to determine a federalist system of government, with concomitant religious, social, and economic changes. 

The Revolutionary Mexico in Newspapers collection covers 1900-1929

The University of Texas at Austin General Libraries and its Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection have preserved on microfilm 227,930 pages from 560 Mexican newspaper titles which date primarily from 1900 to 1929, though longer running titles were published before 1900 and after 1929. [...]The newspapers of the period document these dramatic events and reflect the attitudes and fears of the common people as well as the statements and propaganda of those in power. These publications also record the struggle to forge a new Mexico and to define its relationship with the United States. [...]The newspapers from this time reflect Mexican partisan politics, yellow press, political and social satire, as well as local, regional, national, and international news. 

Locating this collection: It is currently housed in the Newspapers section of the microfilms collections in cabinet 18. Digital copies of the guides are available through the links below. Paper guides for both collections also available in paper on the 4th floor in the Latin American Library.

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