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Patient Safety and Quality Improvement: A Guide

Patient safety and health care quality journals and websites, local healthcare improvement groups, sample searches and databases for finding PSQI literature.


Simple PubMed Queries for quality improvement publications

Copy and paste the words in bold into PubMed, then add your specific topic to find QI articles. Each search below yields different results, for best results try each of them with your topic. 

  • Simple text word search: quality AND improv* AND intervention*
  • Simple text words, synonyms A:  ((quality) AND ((improv* OR enhance*))) AND ((intervention* OR initiative* OR strategy* OR program*))
  • Simple text words, synonyms B: ((((quality OR system OR process))) AND ((improv* OR enhance*))) AND ((intervention* OR initiative* OR strategy* OR program*))
  • Subject Headings: (((("Quality of Health Care"[Mesh]) OR "Quality Assurance, Health Care"[Mesh]) OR "Quality Indicators, Health Care"[Mesh]) OR "Health Plan Implementation"[Mesh]) OR "Quality Improvement"[Mesh]

From Hempel S (2011) Identifying quality improvement intervention publications - A comparison of electronic search strategies. Implement Sci. 2011; 6: 85.

For Quality Improvement Information

For Patient Safety Information

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