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Tulane University. School of Medicine Alumni and History: Basics

Online resources of interest to Tulane University of Louisiana. School of Medicine Alumni. Welcome to our School of Medicine Alumni - Tulane Medical Alumni Association (TMAA)

TULANE YEARBOOKS! Jambalaya (1896-2008) & T-Wave (1982- ).

Tulane Medical Alumni Association (TMAA)

Class of 1945

 The Matas Library would like to acknowledge the donation of Dr. Gerald Weiss, Class of 1945.

"As a surviving member of the Tulane University Medical School Class of 1945, I submit these vlumes as a memorial tribute in behalf of our class. We graduated the day WWII ended, August 14, 1945, with capitulation of the Japanese. ... Subsequently we new physicians served our communities, our country and even internationally in exemplary fashions. My contribution is but a fraction of our class members endeavors. To Tulane University and its outstanding teachers we are grateful and appreciative for the multiple opportunities we have been able to provide in service to our fellowmen and women." - Gerald N. Weiss, letter dated May 8, 2015. (on the occasion of the 70th Year Reunion, 2015)
Donated to Rudolph Matas Medical Library: Gerald N. Weiss, MD, DABS, FACS, FICSA, DABS, May 8, 2015 (Windsor, CO)

Graduation Programs & Composite Photographs

Tulane's School of Medicine graduates are listed in the program for graduation and also in the Bulletins for past years. Composite photographs were produced for the classes from the mid-20th century.  There is a collection framed composite photos on display in the Dean's Hallway. The Matas Library collects the graduation programs and composite photographs in the historic collection.  Please contact the Matas Library if you would like to know of the availability of a specific year's photo or if there are copies to donate from past years.

The University Archives, a department within Tulane University's Special Collections Division, preserves the official records of Tulane University and information about Tulane.  Contact University Archives for additional information. 

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