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Turchin Library: Student Services

This guide provides an orientation to Turchin Library's services for students

Manage My Library Account


Your Splash Card is your library card. Bring it to the Turchin Library to check-out materials. Students may also check-out materials from other libraries at Tulane University.

System generated due date reminders, overdue notices, fines/fees statements and recall notices will be sent to your Tulane University email address.

At the Turchin Library homepage on the bottom right Quick Links menu, click on Manage My Account.

Log in using your Tulane username and password. It should be the same username used to access e-mail, GibsonOnline, and other university accounts.

Trouble logging in? Contact the business librarian at or 504-865-5311 for assistance.

Please remember to logout of My Account especially if you are on a public workstation.


  • Personal information
  • Online Catalog search Preferences
  • My Account (Items you have checked-out with accompanying due dates, pending requests for recalls, all outstanding fines and fees, and any blocks due to overdues, fines or fees)
  • My Searches (from SearchALL)
  • My List (from SearchALL)

Click on Manage My Account and login to view your charged items under 'My Account'. If a charged item qualifies for a renewal, there will be a link offering that option. The renewal option may not exist if the item is overdue, if another customer has requested the title, or if the maximum number of renewals has been reached. Please bring items that cannot be renewed online to the Turchin Library Service Desk. Call 504-865-5376 if you need further information regarding Turchin Library materials and 504-865-5695 regarding Howard-Tilton Memorial Library materials.

When you are searching the Online Catalog and find that an item is already checked-out, you have options for getting it. If you need the item quickly, you can RECALL it. If you have more time, you can PLACE A HOLD on it.

  1. Locate the title in the Online Catalog
  2. Click on My Account.
  3. Click on Make a Request and select either Recall OR Hold.

    Recall: An item must be checked-out for a minimum of 2 weeks before it can be recalled. When you recall an item, the customer who has the item is notified by email that the item has been recalled and must be returned within 10 days. If you have an item that has been recalled, please note that you will be charged $1.00 per day and your library privileges will be suspended until the item is returned. Recall fines accrue to a maximum of $20.00.

    Hold: Holds are appropriate for items that are due soon or overdue, or when you can wait longer than 2 weeks. Placing a hold prevents other customers from checking the item out or renewing their loan.

    Note: An item must be marked as Missing in the Online Catalog before an Interlibrary Loan may be placed.
  4. Recalls and Holds must be picked up at the library within 10 days of notification.

NOTE: If a title in the Online Catalog is not checked-out, you must go to the library indicated in the Online Catalog, locate the item on the shelf, and check it out. The Turchin Library is an independent library on-campus similar to the Law Library and is not currently part of the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library courier service.

Further information on Recalls and Holds.

Get a book from another Tulane Library:
If you are on the Uptown Campus and the item is available at the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library or other Uptown Campus Library, please go to that library and check out the item using your Splash ID.

If the item is available from the MATAS Library, you may place a request to send it to the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library for pickup.

1. Locate the item in the Online Catalog @
2. Click on 'Make a Request'
3.  Log in to your account with your Tulane username and password.
4.  Choose 'Get a book from another Tulane Library'
5.  Choose 'Pickup at Howard Tilton Circ Desk'
6.  Enter your Splash ID to confirm the request and click 'Submit'

Please return Turchin Library materials to the Turchin Library Service Desk or in the Book Return outside and to the right of the Turchin Library doors near the elevator. Customers are urged to return materials to the Turchin Library Service Desk and ask for a discharge receipt before the materials are checked-in. The receipt is proof of return. My Account also allows the customer to keep up-to-date regarding materials charged to their account. Request a Claims Returned form at the Turchin Library Service Desk in the case an item is returned but not checked back in. Contact the business librarian for further information on your account at or 504-865-5311.

Please return Howard-Tilton Memorial Library materials to the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library Service desk or book returns outside the Howard-Tilton Memorial Library. Please contact Howard-Tilton Memorial Library Circulation to discuss fines/fees for HTML materials at 504-865-5689.


Turchin Library
The Turchin Library charges fines for overdue course reserve materials, career books & media, lost materials, and recalls not checked in by the due date.

The fine rate for overdue course reserves is $0.60/hour for 2-hour & 4-hour library use only loans and $0.60/day for 1-day, 2-day, and 7-day loans (including career books & media).  The maximum fine is $20.00.  Fines do not accrue during hours the library is not open.  Once the maximum fine has been reached, the item is considered lost and lost material fines apply.

Lost Materials:  the customer is responsible for the replacement cost of the book, a standard fee of $49.00, plus a $15.00 processing fee.

In the event the library or a customer places a recall on material and it is not returned within the designated time period, the customer will be charged a $1.00 fine per day until the material is returned.

Charges will be posted to Gibson (Tulane University/Accounts Receivable). Several attempts will be made to contact the customer before posting a fine to Gibson, however, once posted it will not be removed.

Howard-Tilton Memorial Library

Fines & Fees Summary Chart

Item Fine
Recalled Books $1.00 per day
All Other Books 30 cents per day
All Other Media 30 cents per day





When the maximum fine has been reached the book is assumed to be lost. The customer is charged $49.00 for the cost of the book, a $15.00 processing fee, in addition to the $20.00 maximum overdue fine.

Charges for HTML materials may be paid at the HTML Research Desk. After 6 weeks, charges are posted to Gibson.

Further information on Fines/Fees.

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