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City, Culture & Community Program Library Guide

Research guide for students in the graduate program City, Culture, & Community, sponsored by the department of Sociology and the School of Social Work.

While most databases of scholarly journal literature specialize in a particular discipline, Urban Studies Abstracts indexes articles relating to urban issues from a range of disciplines. A good research strategy will include searches in more than one database; this ensures you will capture as much of the interdisciplinary literature as possible.

Looking for literature reviews in sociology?  The Annual Review of Sociology specializes in providing articles on the state of the field.  Also look for books reviews and other review literature in the major journals of your field.

TAKE NOTE: The Ph.D Area Exam Paper required of students in the 5th or 6th semester of the City, Culture, and Community Program is described as "a major paper akin to an Annual Review of Sociology article (typically on the order of 50 pages) that summarizes state of the area or subfield." (p. 3)

Start familiarizing yourself with this type of writing early!


Books Still Matter

Want to find a review of a scholarly book?  Want to see what books a particular scholar has reviewed?  You can often find a book review section in important journals of your field, but there is also a database that brings together book reviews from multiple sources.

Ready to expand your search beyond Howard-Tilton? Use the WorldCat database to search for books,audio, video, and other materials in libraries across the country and around the world. Use InterLibrary Loan (ILL) to borrow items from other libraries!

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