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Consumer Health: A Guide

A Matas Library portal for public access resources intended for consumer health questions.

Researching a Disease, Condition or Procedure

 National professional medical societies are helpful in researching a disease, condition or procedure.

Almost all of the national professional societies now have part of their official Web sites devoted to patients. These sites and links are excellent sources of information on the illnesses treated by that specialty and, in the case of surgical or anesthesia professional organizations, the procedures performed. 

Below is a sampling of some of the larger national societies. Many societies have sites specifically designed for patients.

Consider using websites supported by patient advocacy groups or nonprofit groups that are focused on certain diseases. Such sites often offer not only information but also active online communities.

Online Health Communities

DISCLAIMER: Don't assume information shared privately on a website is confidential. Always read the Privacy Policy to see how your personal health information may be used.

Patient Advocacy Groups

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