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AI for Literature Reviews

This guide provides a list of artificial intelligence (ai) tools that are helpful for literature reviews

Literature Mapping Tools

  • Research Rabbit lets users discover publications related to one or more seed publications with the help of visualization maps and lists of earlier, later, and similar publications
  • Uses PubMed and Semantic Scholar search engine
  • Provides recommendations based on uploaded literature
  • These recommendations can be explored through two modes: 1) by Papers that are Similar work, Earlier work, or Later work or 2) by People that provide additional publications that These authors or Suggested authors have published
  • Network view allows users to see publications that are connected to one another. Timeline view plots publications by year, illustrating when the work was published in the field
  • Green nodes represent publications already in the user’s collection and blue nodes are not in the collection. The darker shades of blue represent more recent publications.
  • Only contains scholarly articles, doesn't contain books
  • Can share collections, and receive alerts
  • Syncs with Zotero collection
  • Free 

Screen shot of a Research Rabbit search example

  • Inciteful contains both peer reviewed literature and books
  • To date we have two tools. Paper Discovery and the Literature Connector.
  • The Paper Discovery tool builds a network of papers from citations
  • The Literature Connector allows you to enter two papers and it will give you an interactive visualization showing you how they are connected by the literature
  • Microsoft Academic Graph: MAG is currently the basis for all of the underlying data used to construct the graphs.  

  • Semantic Scholar: The source of all the abstracts rendered on the site.

  • Unpaywall: The source for all the Open Access links.

  • Crossrefs: They were the original source for all the non-citation paper metadata.

  • Open Citations: The original source of all of the citation data.

  • Zotero plugin
  • Free

Screenshot of Inciteful home page

  • Open Knowledge Maps presents you with a topical overview for your search query based on the 100 most relevant documents matching your query.
  • Knowledge maps provide an instant overview of a topic by showing the main areas at a glance, and documents related to each area.
  • AI pipeline clusters similar documents together
  • Includes both closed and open access documents.
  • Searches either through PubMed or BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) API
  • The grouping of documents is based on article metadata
  • Creates bubbles- Closeness of areas implies subject similarity
  • Centrality of areas implies subject similarity with the rest of the map
  • Can cite and export
  • Free

  • Litmaps uses the citation network to discover literature that's easily overlooked with other search methods
  • Search for articles in their catalogue of 260+ million papers
  • Data comes from CrossrefSemantic ScholarOpenAlex
  • A seed map is a small map of the top citations and references to an article.
  • Shows the top 20 citations and references related to a specific article
  • This will include some of your Seed Article's direct references and citations, as well as some of their citations and references.
  • Can save searches and create alerts
  • Can change the algorithms to: top connected, co-authorship search, or semantic search
  • Includes both open access and paywalled content
  • Can export and save
  • Free or paid (50$/month) versions

Screenshot of Homepage of litmaps

  • Connected Papers is a unique, visual tool to help researchers and applied scientists find and explore papers relevant to their field of work.
  • To create each graph, we analyze an order of ~50,000 papers and select the few dozen with the strongest connections to the original paper.
  • In the graph, papers are arranged according to their similarity
  • Uses Semantic Scholar
  • Free and paid (6$/month) versions

Schreenshot of Home page of Connected Papers

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