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ENGL1010, McBride

This guide covers everything discussed in your library session.

This library guide, and the workshop that it accompanies, is an open door to an abundance of  physical and digital resources, services, and tools you can use for this class and throughout your academic career here at Tulane.

If you take only one thing away from your ENGL1010 library session, let it be that this library is yours to make it what you need it to be.

Discussion Outline

In your ENGL1010 library session, we'll cover the basics to get you comfortable in the library's physical and digital spaces. Main points include:

  • Being able to find a book on the shelf using call numbers;
  • Developing your initial list of search terms;
  • Finding books and articles relevant to your research.

How'd I do today?

Your input is so important! Please take the last few minutes of today's class to share your thoughts on today's session. 

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