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Library Logins

Problems with Library Account

Library accounts are dependent on a feed from the Bursar that the library receives every day. The feed includes information from Payroll and the Registrar. This means that in order to have a library account, one must be paid by Tulane (Payroll) or registered for classes (the Registrar).

If you see the message "The login process has failed. Please refer to the library for assistance" when you try to login to Library Account, then your account is expired or you do not have an account.

If your account is expired, you may not be registered for classes or you have graduated. 

If you are a visiting scholar, you probably do not have a library account since you are not paid by Tulane. You do have a Tulane username/email address and password, so you are able to access articles from off campus. If you are on campus working with a specific department, the head of circulation can set you up with borrowing privileges with a letter from that department, saying that they will take responsibility for any lost or late books.

SUMMER 2022 

Accounts for new students, staff, and faculty are not being automatically created. Call the checkout desk at (504) 865-5689 to have your account created by hand. For Matas Library, call (504) 988-2403.

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