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Rare Books Collection Policy


Tulane faculty, particularly those in English, Art History, French & Italian, German, but not limited to these areas, make frequent use of rare books. Selections are often informed by direct recommendations from faculty or general input from faculty through liaison program contacts. Subjects or themes represented by selections that have primarily responded to faculty interest have included book history and art history, with increasing interest in other contexts from newer academic departments such as Jewish Studies.  Other areas of coverage are sought and considered, including rare works that might be representative of a variety of Tulane academic interests, across disciplines, relating to traditionally underrepresented or marginalized communities. 

Some selection considerations covered by this policy are applied broadly within the restriction parameters of the special (endowed or gift) funds designated for Rare Books.  See Acquisitions Sources and Endowed Funds

However, even purchases made using the two most restrictive funds--limited to the acquisition of rare books about domestic dogs and cats-- are intended, creatively, to support interests in the humanities at Tulane University.

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