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Gender and Sexuality Studies Collection Policy Guide

Collection development policy for Gender and Sexuality Studies


The Gender and Sexuality Studies collection emphasizes works on feminist and womanist theories, methodologies, and criticism. It supports the curriculum described and supplements the various core academic department collections that will by their nature already include research about sex and gender issues relevant to those fields. There is a substantial emphasis on feminist theory works and those increasingly produced in stand-alone Gender and Sexuality Studies departments or programs. There is an emerging and strong emphasis on international feminism, and related issues of race, class, and women in development. It is our intention to develop an in-depth resource of cross-disciplinary materials representing diverse or opposing viewpoints on the construction and development of gender and sexual identities, homosexuality, bisexuality, etc. Special attention has been focused on representing the cultural and political experiences of diverse and marginalized groups of people, including particular contributions from people of various sexual identities, and among them, especially those persons from minority cultures, races, classes, etc

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