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Engineering Standards: A Guide

This guide highlights information on how to acquire and use engineering standards as well as links to standards resources

Copyright and Sharing

All published SDs, are governed by copyright protection but the permission and restrictions may vary for each SDO. It is important to read the copyright statement and terms of service for each SD and ask a Librarian for help if you have questions. Some common copyright policies:

  • A SD is considered to be the copyright equivalent of a print book. So similar to a print book, only one person can have access to that SD at a time and they can't make copies.
  • Online SD can usually only be downloaded and printed once, and only by the same person.. Sharing of the print copies might violate copyright.
  • Don't download and store SD to a shared computer, drive or repository if the SD was intended for one-person use only
  • If you can print the SD, only print it once and use that printed copy. Do not photocopy or re-print (if possible) the SD
  • Most SD are printed with watermarks that contain the users name, institution, and date printed. If your name is not on the watermark, you probably don't have rights to the SD
  • Fair use: if the SD is intended to be used for teaching purposes, then it may fall under fair use making it possible to share the SD with multiple individuals. 

The Library is available to answer any questions you may have regarding intellectual property including copyright, fair use, and dissemination of information. Please contact us if you have questions

Citing Standards

Talk with your professor regarding which citation style to use. Just like any other citation, you want to include as much information as you have that will allow others to find the exact same resource - such as SGO, alpha-numeric code, version, name of SD, when/where it's been accessed. 

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.