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Public Administration Library Guide

This guide is a starting point to find public administration content, including articles, working papers, books, and data.

Books Matter

Books Matter

In comparison to articles, books offer more thorough coverage of a topic, draw on a wider range of preexisting scholarship, and often excel in placing an argument in broader thematic and disciplinary context. Consider consulting scholarly books first in your own research. Use them to provide: 

  • helpful introduction and overview of a topic;
  • comprehensive literature review that outlines the major scholars and existing points of view on a topic;
  • detailed study of a topic, usually broken down into manageable chapters;
  • extensive bibliography to guide you toward related works.

Useful Subjects

Subjects in Public Administration
Administrative Law Environmental Policy Intercultural Communication Public Administration -- United States
Affirmative Action Programs Environmental Protection International Organization Public Contracts
Benchmarking (Management) Environmental Risk Assessment International Relations Public Lands
Civil Service Finance, Public Knowledge Management Public- Private Sector Cooperation
Collective Bargaining Forest Policy Medical Policy Social Sciences -- Research-- Methodology
Common Good Globalization Natural Resources -- Government Policy Strategic Planning
Communication in Organizations Health Services Administration Non-governmental Organizations Sustainable Development
Conflict Resolution Housing Policy Nonprofit Organizations Urban Ecology
Crisis Management Human Services Operations Research Urban Transportation Policy
Disaster Relief Industrial Management Organizational Change  
Emergency Management Industrial Organization Organizational Learning  
Energy Policy Industrial Productivity Personnel Management

Finding Books

Suggested Titles

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