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Training & Tutorials

Tips and tricks for getting the most our of your search experience.


On this guide, Turchin Business Library provides tutorials that we have produced and others that are provided courtesy of our colleagues. Check back often as we will be posting new videos and tutorials to help you become an expert researcher.

The Search Skills page includes tutorials to help you master advanced searching techniques that can be used across a variety of platforms.

Tutorials on the Sources page highlight the variety of resources that business libraries offer for scholarly research. Many of these are used in the professional world, too.

Also included is information about Bloomberg Market Concepts training, a self-paced course completed on a Bloomberg terminal.

The Basics of Business Research tutorial helps students become familiar with common areas of business research they may need to conduct during their coursework. This tutorial explains and demonstrates the different types of resources available for finding Company Information, Industry Information, Financial Information, and Searching the Business Literature. 

For assistance with writing, please reach out the Academic Learning & Tutoring Center.  Freeman students and faculty also have access to Grammarly for Education.  This tool can help with grammar checks, plagiarism detection, and style suggestions.  For instructions on accessing a license, please reach out


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