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Open Access Publishing

This provides an overview of OA, including government and publisher policies, resources, and key issues pertaining to scholarly publishing and Tulane

What is the "Big Deal"?

  • Bundling of Journals by Publisher
  • Publisher will provide the library consortiums with all or most of their journals for a set fee
  • “One size fits all” model
  • Access not ownership - once we cancel a Journal we lose all access
  • Most library budgets go towards these “Big Deal” purchases which were quite large
  • Can’t easily substitute or cancel journals
  • No budget flexibility or negotiating power
  • Policy issues related to contracts and cancellations
  • Price is unimportant at the time of need
  • Contracts are confidential - Libraries sign non-disclosure clauses so we can't compare Journal package costs

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Tulane OA Publications

Author Rights

  • Most OA agreements allow you the author to retain your copyright
  • Traditional journals own the copyright of your work, meaning you can’t even post the article on your website
  • Protect your author rights from non-OA journals

Who to contact at Tulane

Questions, comments, and statements or concern or support can be sent to Andy Corrigan, Associate Dean of Libraries at 

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