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This library guide seeks to celebrate and center the voices and lived experiences of BIPOC in STEM.

How to Amplify BIPOC Voices and Breakdown Stereotypes

Image of a BIPOC woman on her computer surrounded by programming books.

Image courtesy of #WOCinTech Chat CC BY License

  • Read and discuss journal articles written by BIPOC scientists in the classes you teach. Teach the historical and modern contributions made by non-majority scientists
  • Read and discuss research by BIPOC scientists in lab journal clubs
  • Invite BIPOC scientists to speak in seminar series and conferences, and invite BIPOC colleagues to co-organize and lead conferences, workshops, etc
  • Share and promote the work of BIPOC scientists on social media (e.g. Twitter)
  • Collaborate with BIPOC scientists in your research endeavors
  • Raise the voices of BIPOC researchers by citing their papers

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