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Public Health Portal   Tags: epidemiology, public health portal  

A Rudolph Matas Library Portal for the programs of the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.
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Recommended Site

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U.S. Health in International Perspective

Cover Art
U. S. Health in International Perspective
ISBN: 0309264146
Publication Date: 2013-04-03
Institute of Medicine (IOM). Committee on Population (CPOP); Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice (BPH)



Cover Art
Sampling of Populations - Paul S. Levy; Stanley Lemeshow
ISBN: 9780470040072
Publication Date: 2008-08-04
Wiley Online Library. Recommended for BIOS 7250, EPID6260, GHSD7440.

Cover Art
Fundamentals of Clinical Trials - Lawrence M. Friedman; Curt D. Furberg; David L. DeMets
ISBN: 9781441915856
Publication Date: 2010-09-21
Online via SpringerLink. Recommended for BIOS7400 & EPID 6910

MCH Library

  • Maternal and Child Health Library  
    Georgetown University
  • MCH Knowledge paths
    Knowledge paths on maternal and child health-related topics contain selections of recent, high quality resources and tools for staying abreast of new developments and conducting further research.
  • Social and Emotional Development in Kids and Teens
    Here you will find links to resources about care, services, and support and websites about promoting healthy social and emotional development. Separate sections present websites about babies and young kids and school-age kids and teens. Another lists websites for teens.

CDC Stacks

CDC Stacks

  • CDC Stacks
    CDC Stacks is a free, digital archive of scientific research and literature produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This online archive is composed of curated collections tailored for public health research needs.

Demographic Tool

  • Social Explorer
    Tool designed to provide quick and easy access to current and historical census data and demographic information.

Featured Resource


    The WHO Library and Information Networks for Knowledge (LNK) provides comprehensive library and information services on WHO-produced recorded information in print and other media. In addition, library services give access to worldwide health, medical and development information resources to WHO headquarters, regions and country offices, ministries of health and other government offices, health workers in Member States, other UN and international agencies, diplomatic missions, and inter-governmental agencies.

Public Health news

  • FluTrackers Forum
    Breaking news by country/issue - click items in the Last Post column.
  • CIDRAP - University of Minnesota
    New posts daily
  • The Russian Flu in the News: NLM Circulating Now
    In November 1889, a rash of cases of influenza-like-illness appeared in St. Petersburg, Russia. Soon, the “Russia Influenza” spread across Europe and the world. This outbreak is being researched by teams of Virginia Tech students as a case-study of the relationship between the spread of the disease and the spread of reporting about the disease. In this second of three posts, Circulating Now welcomes guest bloggers Emily Oliver, Anna Pope, Madison Rawles, Grayson Van Beuren, who look at depictions of the social impact of disease through illustrations in newspapers and periodicals

Public Health Blogs

Most bloggers update daily

  • Avian Flu Diary.
    Good. Created by Floridian Mike Coston. Covering Pandemic and Seasonal Influenza, H5N1 `Bird Flu, Emerging Infectious Diseases, public health, community & Individual preparedness
  • H5N1 blog
    Good. Created by Vancouver-based Crawford Kilian. Lists ebola resources and the organizations which provide the news he reports.
  • Virology Down Under
    by Ian M. Mackay, The University of Queensland. Contains Ebola numbers and maps, and links to other related blogs
  • Questions and Answers on Ebola: The White House
    The White House blog

Online Public Health Books

Featured Health Disparities Tool

  • Finding Answers Intervention Research (FAIR) Database
    The FAIR Database is a searchable tool containing 388 journal article summaries, distilled from 11 systematic reviews of the published health disparities literature. The systematic reviews were published as a Special Supplement to the October 2007 issue of Medical Care Research and Review, and a symposium in the July 2012 issue of the Journal of General Internal Medicine

Top Picks for Public Health

Featuring CDCs - Ten Great Public Health Achievements — United States, 2001-2010

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published a report assessing advances in public health during the first ten years of the 21st century.

  • MMWR. May 20, 2011 / 60(19);619-623.
    Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
    Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases
    Tobacco Control
    Maternal and Infant Health
    Motor Vehicle Safety
    Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
    Occupational Safety
    Cancer Prevention
    Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention
    Public Health Preparedness and Response

Public Health Topics

Adult Infectious Diseases
by Keith Pickett - Last Updated Dec 1, 2014
The Tulane Adult Infectious Diseases Section is one of 9 internal medicine subspecialty sections within the Department of Medicine. The purpose of this guide is to support the instructional and clinical needs of the department.
305 views this year
by Maureen Knapp - Last Updated Nov 21, 2014
Resources on AIDS and HIV Infections, Prevention, Treatment and Research
423 views this year
Bioethics Information
by Mary Holt - Last Updated Sep 25, 2014
99 views this year
by Maureen Knapp - Last Updated Dec 1, 2014
Databases, tools, software, journals, books, lab protocols and websites of use in bioinformatics/biomedical informatics.
106 views this year
Consumer Health
by Elaine Hicks - Last Updated Dec 10, 2014
A Matas Library portal for public access resources intended for consumer health questions.
583 views this year
Disasters and Public Health
by Elaine Hicks - Last Updated Dec 5, 2014
2,628 views this year
Emergency Management & National Security
by Adam Beauchamp - Last Updated Sep 17, 2014
Research resources to support studies in homeland security, disaster management, and disaster resilience.
227 views this year
Environmental Health
by Elaine Hicks, Maureen Knapp - Last Updated Nov 25, 2014
70 views this year
by Elaine Hicks - Last Updated Nov 14, 2014
Online resources for the study of epidemiology
399 views this year
GIS and Public Health
by Elaine Hicks - Last Updated Dec 3, 2014
40 views this year
Global Community Health and Behavioral Science Resources
by Elaine Hicks - Last Updated Dec 1, 2014
Resources for the study and practice of community health and behavior sciences and the GCHB Department at Tulane's School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
260 views this year
Global Health Systems Management
by Elaine Hicks - Last Updated Nov 12, 2014
279 views this year
Health Care Reform and Health Policy
by Mary Holt - Last Updated Dec 1, 2014
139 views this year
Health Literacy and Patient Education
by Elaine Hicks - Last Updated Nov 14, 2014
944 views this year
History of Medicine and Public Health
by Mary Holt, Rudolph Matas Library. Health Sciences Reference Dept. - Last Updated Nov 13, 2014
This Matas Subject Guide focuses on historical resources for medicine and public health. The focus of Matas Library collection is the history of medicine and public health in New Orleans and Louisiana.
468 views this year
Images in the Health Sciences
by Maureen Knapp - Last Updated Nov 11, 2014
Resources to locate images in the health sciences for study, presentations and research.
4 views this year
Minority Health, Diversity and Health Disparities
by Elaine Hicks - Last Updated Dec 1, 2014
Racial and Ethnic Differences and Disparities in Health Care.
55 views this year
Nutrition Resources
by Elaine Hicks - Last Updated Dec 3, 2014
A guide to nutrition and medical nutrition therapy
273 views this year
Occupational Health
by Mary Holt - Last Updated Nov 6, 2014
Resources for the protection of the health of people in the workplace, the prevention of occupational injuries and disease.
325 views this year
Population Studies
by Elaine Hicks - Last Updated Nov 12, 2014
Aspects of population studies including migration, birth and death rates, aging, natural resource planning and development studies
152 views this year
Public Health Films
by Elaine Hicks, Lisa Hooper - Last Updated Dec 2, 2013
All the films identified here and many more may be found in the Library's online catalog. Search by name, title, or keyword and limit to videorecording (DVD/VHS) to discover more.
37 views this year
Public Health Portal
by Maureen Knapp - Last Updated Dec 1, 2014
A Rudolph Matas Library Portal for the programs of the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.
2,468 views this year
Public Health Studies Research Guide
by Jennifer Corbin, Elaine Hicks, Raquel Horlick - Last Updated Nov 13, 2014
Guide to support students in the undergraduate Public Health program.
1,042 views this year
Statistical Portal
by Elaine Hicks - Last Updated Dec 19, 2014
2,455 views this year
Statistics & Data for the Social Sciences
by Adam Beauchamp - Last Updated Nov 18, 2014
"In God we trust, all others bring data." W. Edwards Demming
2,829 views this year
Survey Instruments and Methodology
by Mary Holt - Last Updated Nov 12, 2014
How to find questionnaires, surveys, measurement and testing instruments for research.
1,891 views this year
by Mary Holt - Last Updated Nov 14, 2014
Online & print books on adverse effects, toxicology and poisoning. Databases regarding toxic agents, including drugs, environmental threats, and natural toxins.
209 views this year
Tropical Medicine and Parasitology
by Elaine Hicks - Last Updated Sep 30, 2014
2,109 views this year

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