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Citation Management Tools

A guide to citation and bibliography management tools that help you collect, store, and organize your research.


A free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research. Zotero allows you to attach PDFs, notes and images to your citations, organize them into collections for different projects, and create bibliographies, even from within your preferred word processor.

Zotero 5.0 offers a single stand-alone application for all users. You can add a connector/extension to use within your preferred browser.
Word processor plugins are already bundled with Zotero 5.0 and should be installed automatically for each installed word processor when you first start Zotero.

Zotero and Tulane's Library Search

Library Search interacts well with the Zotero Connector. However, you can also Use the Built-In features present in Library Search to export items to Zotero:

Within a record, click on "Details," then click "Save & Cite," then "Export RIS." You will then be prompted to save directly in Zotero or download the item and then, within Zotero, you have the option to import.


Other Sources and Approaches

  • Use Zotero Connector with Classic Catalog. works well too.
  • Within Zotero, use the "Magic Wand” tool to add item(s) by identifiers such as ISBN, DOI, PMID or ArXiv ID.

As a general practice, always review your imported data for errors and correct it manually as needed or consider an alternate source.

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