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Fall 2018: Turchin Business Library Workshops

September 12 - Basics of Business Research      Register

Learn key resources and strategies for researching companies and industries. This workshop is appropriate for beginning business researchers or those seeking an overview of business research fundamentals.


September 26 – Beyond Reports: Searching the Business Literature  Register

Newspapers, magazines, trade journals, scholarly journals: fill in the gaps with current information about companies and industries.  Create alerts so that you are notified of new publications about your topic.  Learn these tools and use the business literature to your advantage.


October 3 - Research Resources for Porter’s Five Forces         Register

The Five Forces Analysis is a key framework for industry research.  In this session we will explore the characteristics of and sources for researching each of the five forces: rivalry, new entrants, substitutes, suppliers, and buyers.


October 17 – Profiling the Competition     Register

For many new and established firms, competitor research is an ongoing activity. Be the employee who knows how to find the information that companies rely on to stay one step ahead of their competitors. 


October 24 –Open-Source Information Resources for Business           Register

In this session participants will go beyond subscription databases to explore freely available information sources to support creating and establishing new ventures, competitor information, and market research.  Learn some advanced features of search engines to skillfully find the information you need. 


November 7 - Creating Target Company Lists for Career Research      Register

Give your job search some direction. Participants in this session will learn to create lists of companies to target for potential career opportunities. 

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