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Turchin Library: Student Services

This guide provides an orientation to Turchin Library's services for students

Turchin Library Policies

The Turchin Library seeks to provide a safe and secure environment suitable for business research.  Please help us maintain this environment by complying with the following rules:

Use of Materials
All materials must be checked out at the Turchin Library Service Desk before being removed from the Turchin Library.

Use of Turchin Library
No entry to the library is permitted when the library is closed.  Library customers are required to leave the library promptly at the close of business, during fire alarms and other emergency procedures, or when otherwise requested by library staff.  University Police will be summoned if a customer fails to comply.

Personal Conduct
Tobacco products are not permitted. While we do not police small snack items and drinks, the library is not configured to serve as a student lounge.

Library patrons may not use or possess weapons of any kind in the library, exhibit any threatening or intimidating behavior toward others (e.g. abusive language, threats of violence, or harassment), or use or distribute any controlled substance, alcoholic beverage, or illegal drug while in the library.

Since many people come to the Turchin Library to find a quiet place to read and study please silence cell phones upon entering the library. Cell phone use is only acceptable in the lobby/elevator area outside of the library.

Quiet conversation is permitted at the Turchin Library Service Desk as well as in the Research Center, Study Commons, and Financial Analysis Lab.

Turchin Library staff reserve the right to ask patrons to leave the library if they are using cell phones in restricted areas or they are disturbing others in any area of the library.  The Turchin Library can neither accept phone messages for customers nor page library customers.


The University Police can be reached at 504-865-5381.

Customers are advised to keep their personal belongings with them at all times while in the library.  This includes valuables such as purses, laptop computers, cellular phones, book bags, briefcases and important research documents.  The library assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items.

Any unusual or suspicious activity should be reported immediately to the Turchin Library Service Desk or to the University Police.

Upon request, the University Police will escort individuals to destinations throughout the campus.  For more information, please contact the University Police at 504-865-5381.

Tulane University Police Department

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