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Integrating Data Visualization and Digital Narrative Tools into the Classroom

A breakout session of Sparking Success: Faculty Development Conference, January 8, 2020

Data Visualizations

Looking for a way for students to analyze collected data?  Consider making an assignment that revolves around creating data visualizations.

Data visualizations tell stories and make arguments through data and charts, graphs, and maps.

The term “data visualization” describes the method of conveying the significance of data by illustrating it visually.

Patterns, trends, and connections that might go unobserved on spreadsheets may be demonstrated and highlighted more readily via graphs, charts, maps, and word clouds.


An open-source tool that allows you to transform CSV files into colorful data visualizations. 

Using Data Visualizations in the Classroom Tutorial, (Newcomb Institute)

Data Management, (Courtney Kearny, H-TML) 

Demographics, Data, & Statistics, (H-TML) 

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