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SOWK 7120 - A Course Guide

A Spring 2018 Course Guide: Social Welfare History & Public Policy. Assisting with social policy research, policy analysis and basic legal research.

Your guide to Social Welfare & Public Policy Research!

Use the resources on this guide to help you:

  • Research the legislative history of a law or policy;
  • Discover scholaraly analysis of social policies in peer-reviewed books and journal articles;
  • Locate sources of statistics and data that describe communities and social welfare needs.

If you need assistance at any time during the research process, contact your subject librarian for help.

Tips to get started

When searching for primary and secondary sources about a law or policy, it helps to know the following:

  • Who were the sponsors of the bill or policy change?
  • What groups and individuals were in favor of the policy? Against?
  • When was the law or policy enacted? Was there significant news coverage before and after its enactment?

Knowing these basic facts can help guide your search for primary documents (legislative hearings, news coverage) and scholarly research.

Try brainstorming these policy stakeholders before you search, or use reference sources (encyclopedias, even Wikipedia!) to learn the names, dates, and key terminology you will need to conduct efficient searches.

Congressional and Legislative Databases

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