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ENGL 1010 - Shkreli

Crafting a Topic with CQ Researcher

Go from a broad interest to a concise topic

(That you might not have considered otherwise)


Browse your interests. Learn something new. And then narrow further.


CQ Researcher reports all follow the same format and can help you identify controversies that also align with your interests, which will be key for writing with purpose and conviction. For example, if you are interested in art, you can use the "Browse Topics" menu to find articles about Arts, Culture and Sports and then clicking there, a report about The Future of Museums. Then spend some time reading and learning. It's a good rule of thumb to learn something new while crafting and scoping your topic.

The Pro/Con section may be useful for helping narrow even further. Instead of focusing on the vague and overly broad problem of whether museums will continue to exist, I might focus instead on the advantages or disadvantages of corporate sponsorship of museums and how that might influence social perceptions of art.





Use the Bibliography


The "Bibliography" section of a CQ Researcher report can help you find other key texts to explore. For example, since one facet of my argument will involve how public trust is a key consideration in how museums are funded, I will look closely at this report found under "Reports arnd Studies".


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