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Open Access to Journal Literature: A Guide

What is open access? This guide includes evidence-based public health resources, grey literature, free full text journal articles ("open access"), domestic access and more.

New open-access rules will take effect in October, 2015.

Researchers will risk losing grant support from CDC and AHRQ if they don’t make their findings freely available to the public. Deposit journal articles supported by NIH funds in PubMed Centrala free archive of biomedical and life-sciences literature. Search here for for data repositories.

Office of Science Technology and Policy

DMP Tool

Tulane subscribes to the DMP Tool, a resourced designed to build quality data plans, in order to help researchers create, review, and share data management plans which meet funder requirements. From this page, enter your TU username and password. You will be required to create a profile. 

Agency for HealthCare Research and Policy

2013 Revised Policy on Enhancing Public Access to Archived Publications Resulting from NIH-Funded Research

Electronic Journals and Public Access

The most common method of scholarly communication in the health sciences is publication in a peer-reviewed book or journal. Peer-reviewed journals were formerly available only through paid subscription, but recent developments in scholarly communication are changing how journal articles are accessed. Greater accessibility of scientific and clinical journal articles was driven in part by a desire to see government-supported research made easily available to its funders: the taxpayers

"Open access" is a term used differently by different groups to describe journals or articles that are freely available online. The rights to download, copy, distribute, and use these freely available works vary from publication to publication.

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