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Latin and Spanish New Orleans

A guide to community, data, news, media, scholarly, and archival resources to explore present and past connections between New Orleans and Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain.

About this Guide

Welcome to the Latin & Spanish New Orleans Research Guide, a collection of resources to help you locate sources on present and past ties between the Crescent City and Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain.

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                Monument to Latin American workers, New Orleans

"Monument to the Latino Worker," Franco Alessandrini, Crescent Park, New Orleans, LA

A Note on Terminology

There is no single, all-encompassing term to capture the complex relationships, identities, and cultures that connect New Orleans to Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Iberian Peninsula--all regions deeply linked, in turn, to Africa via the transatlantic slave trade and its legacies. 

The creators of this guide at The Latin American Library opted to use "Latin" to point to a plurality of terms: Latinx/e/o/a, Hispanic, and Latin American. "Spanish" points to the historic and current presence of the Spanish language in New Orleans. We use "New Orleans" while also remembering its indigenous name: "Bulbancha," meaning the land of many tongues.

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